100% NATURAL IMMUNE HEALTH Optimizing your gut health greatly enhances your immune system, which helps to improve your overall health & wellbeing. ENQUIRE NOW Did you know 80% of your Immune System
is in your Gut?
100% NATURAL WELLNESS AEON containsnatural ingredients that have not only been trusted for centuries, but are backed by thousands of scientific trials. ENQUIRE NOW The key to vibrant Health is now available
with AEON




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100% Natural Wellness

We’re committed to harnessing the power ofancient nutrition to bring vitality and wellbeing to modern living.
AEON containsnatural ingredients that have not only been trusted for centuries, but are backed by thousands of scientific trials.
100% Organic
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
SOY Free
All Naturan

100% Organic

100% Natural

Immune Support


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AEON Benefits

These benefits are confirmed by thousands of scientific trials.

Heals & Strengthens The Gut

AEON not only supports a strong microbiome and fortifies your body’s immune system, it enhances the absorption of nutrients from food while aiding the removal of toxins. AEON can heal a leaky gut and relieve IBS symptoms, working together with your probiotics to achieve benefits far beyond using probiotics alone.

Lowers Pain & Inflammation

The humic and fulvic acids in AEON reinforce the tight junctions in the gut lining, healing leaky gut and sealing out harmful bacteria andtoxins from entering the bloodstream. This curbs the body’s painful inflammatory response.

Contains 80+ Plant-based Nutrients

AEON is a natural source of healthy probiotics, prebiotics, trace minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and more.

Boosts The Immune System

Scientists now agree that 80% of the immune system comes from the gut. AEON heals and seals the gut lining, boosting the body’s ability to fend off toxins and pathogens. Research shows that cells exposed to AEON are harder for viruses to penetrate, helping you defend against infection.

Vegan, Organic And Keto Friendly

AEON is for everyone –not only 100% Vegan and organic but great for keto diets. Reach ketosis more quickly with AEON, while getting all the beneficial electrolytes and minerals for best results.

Great Taste

Unlike most mineral supplements, AEON tastes great with a fresh peppermint flavor you’ll love.

Highly Concentrated Formula

AEON is formulated with up to 20 times more organic fulvic and humic acid than any product on the market today – meaning you get 20 times the health benefits!

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100% Natural & Organic

Complete Microbiome Enhancing Drink

AEON is Health Canada Licensed and FDA claim approved health supplement.


Immune Support






Muscle Function


Organic Fulvic & Humic Acid

“Shilajit” is the Ayurvedic mineral medicine trusted for thousands of years to enhance vitality, wellbeing and longevity. AEON is the next generation of this ancient remedy, 100% sourced, extracted and purified in Canada.

Organic fulvic and humic acid – the key ingredients in AEON – are nature’s elixir for reducing inflammation, strengthening the immune system and supporting total gut health.

Thousands of scientific studies have confirmed that it works to nourish, heal and detoxify body and mind.


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